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Latest Over 85s Travel Insurance News

Holiday Trends for 2016

Earlier this month tour operators free their 2014 holidays, amongst a wealth of promotional offers like individual discounts and 'children go free' places, strategically free once those people that have gotten away area unit stricken by post-holiday blues.

asia insure

However, for the foremost half these area unit tough to truly profit of for variety of reasons. Firstly, several people have hardly came from a summer vacation and therefore the expense of giving birth down a deposit for next year's will prove tight and therefore the commitment of a vacation cost accounting thousands to a small degree overwhelming.

What's a lot of, 'children go free' places area unit out there however usually not on your building of alternative.

According to the National workplace of Statistics, 2013 saw fewer Great Britain travellers squirting off - the recession remains touching Great Britain households laborious. however it isn't all doom and gloom, as many folks read a vacation as one thing that cannot be given up.



This short guide is designed to help anybody who has suffered a personal injury while on holiday in a foreign country.

We understand that suffering an injury can at any time can be traumatic but even more so when you are away from home and not sure how to proceed. It is hoped that this guide will answer any questions you may have.

A team have dealt with numerous different types of claims for injuries that have occurred in foreign countries including road traffic accidents, food poisoning and injuries caused by holiday activities like paragliding, waterskiing and diving.

thailand travel insurance

A lot depends on how you initially booked your holiday, see below:

If you have booked your holiday through a tour operator, they are responsible and your claim can be handled in the English or Welsh courts. The tour operator does need to be an ATOL protected provider so it is worth checking when booking your holiday.
However, if you book your holiday through a travel search website like Travel Republic or Last minute, you will most likely not be covered as they do not sell, organise or arrange package holidays; they just allow users to browse offers. In this case, the injured party would have to instruct solicitors from within that country to pursue a claim directly as it would be out of UK jurisdiction. It is worth highlighting that doing this can be prove to be expensive.
If you have booked your holiday using a credit card, you may also have some level of protection as there are means by which injured parties can claim from their credit card provider.

If you have booked your holiday by some other means or are travelling independently, there are travel insurance providers who offer compensation should you suffer an injury. It is worth taking out travel insurance if you are going on holiday or travel regularly.
No matter how you booked your holiday and even if you don't fall under any of the categories above, you should contact a law firm that are experienced in handling claims for personal injuries suffered when abroad.
Immediately after the accident, you should report the accident and consequent injuries to the hotel where you are staying and/or the tour operator you travelled with (if applicable).

Arrangements should be made for the injured party to receive the necessary medical care and attention.
Following treatment, you should ask for a written accident report including details of your injuries and if possible have photographs taken of the injuries.
It is also important to get witness statements from any other holiday makers or people who witnessed the accident. Make sure to get their contact details so they can be contacted in the future.

It is also critically important that you do not accept any financial offers of compensation until you have received expert legal advice.
Different countries have different processes for dealing with personal injury claims with different limitation periods for making a claim. For example, in Spain, you must begin proceedings within a year of the accident which is in contrast to France where the limitation is 10 years. Accidents that occur on a plane or boat/cruise generally have a limitation of 2 years.


The AA will stop restricting holidaymakers aged over 79 from taking out travel insurance cover for single trips from November 5.
Finding travel affordable travel insurance can be impossible for older travellers, with the majority of firms imposing age limits.
While the AA will keep its age limit of 79 on annual policies, it will axe the limit on single trips. It will also offer more generous medical underwriting.
Those who suffer from mild asthma or angina, for example, currently have to pay a small premium on top of their normal travel insurance cost.
But when the changes take effect they will no longer have to. Mobile phones will also be automatically covered, which they aren’t at present.
Of the 543 travel insurance policies available for single trips just 75, including those from LV=, the Post Office and Saga, have no maximum age, according to research by price comparison website GoCompare.

Some such as Protect Your Bubble cover customers only up to the age of 54. Aviva and Axa Direct won’t cover anyone over 80, while Barclays’ age limit is 70.
RBS requires its packaged current account customers to inform the bank when they turn 70. After this they will pay a £50 supplement a year and undergo medical screening. Only their premium Black Account policyholders don’t have to do this.
Meanwhile, M&S restricts single-trip customers over 80 from travelling to the USA.
A spokesperson for the AA says: ‘The details have yet to be finalised, but we are looking forward to introducing the improvements in early November and making our travel cover more competitive.’

EHIC card not being taken out by many

Depite it being offered free the EHIC card, the European Health Insurance card is not being taken up by many Britons who are holidaying in the European Union in countries such as Spain and France.

The card entitles British Citizens to emergency treatment while abroad when the card is shown in public Hospitals.

The EHIC card, once known as the E111 card, is not a replacement for travel insurance and should always be taken out as well.

Reports that some Spanish hospitals have been refusing to acccept the card has been blown up out of proportion apparently.

The EHIC card is free and you should ignore any website that tries and sell you one.

Travel insurance premiums may go up in Spain for older people

Just when the credit crunch and inflation squeezes people even more than usual the cost of a trip to Spain may have just gone up a little too.

Travel insurance premiums may rise as a results of the refusal of some Spanish hospitals to treat Britons, together with people who carry the eu insurance Card.

This is the most recent twist within the scandal wherever holidaymakers, UN agency ought to be treated for free of charge in Kingdom of Spain beneath the EHIC agreement, are charged.

The European Commission is taking action at law against Kingdom of Spain once receiving many complaints from holidaymakers and insurers – a method that might take months.

The reciprocal theme entitles European voters to free aid publically hospitals within the EU furthermore as Iceland, European nation, Kingdom of Norway and Swiss Confederation.

Insurers suggest that policyholders carry their EHIC card, because it pays for services like emergency medical treatment and suggests that travel premiums is unbroken low.

But with some holidaymakers in Kingdom of Spain being refused medical treatment unless they pay money for it themselves or reclaim the complete quantity from their underwriter, Associate in Nursing increasing range of British insurers are left having to pay the bill – and this might presently be mirrored in accrued premiums.

Problems seem to be occurring wherever travellers square measure ending up at non-public clinics instead of public hospitals, that ought to settle for EHIC. However, there square measure fears of issues at public hospitals too.

In a recent statement the EC said: 'The European Commission has requested data from Kingdom of Spain concerning complaints that Spanish hospitals providing public aid square measure refusing to recognise the eu insurance Card.

'The Commission cares that Kingdom of Spain could be failing to fulfil its obligations beneath EU law to supply emergency aid to temporary guests from different Member States on a similar terms and conditions as square measure out there to Spanish nationals beneath the general public aid theme.'

Graeme Trudgill, of land Insurance Brokers’ Association, warns: ‘EHIC covers emergency medical treatment and may be accepted by hospitals all told EU member states. If insurers have to be compelled to foot the complete bill, they're possible to pass that on to customers.’

Website over 80 travel insurance says this problem could well spread to other EU nations.

It is always useful to take an EHIC card but don't just rely on this.

20% of Britons are not covered with insurance abroad

Despite all the publicity about what can happen if you have an accident abroad and not covered, many brits are still not taking out insurance for their travels and holidays according to ABTA.

Many Brits fall into the trap because they think that having an EHIC card will cover all their medical issues abroad, but more often or not it won't.

Being air lifted for instance can cost up to $20,000 in many countries and the risks of not taking out insurance cannot be stressed enough.

In the UK travel insurance is much cheaper for residents compared to many countries around the world so there really is no excuses.

Airline failure not always covered

In these days of economic uncertainty then it is worth checking over your travel insurance to ensure that you are covered for airline failure. It is thought that up to 70% of travel insurance policies do not cover for airline failure.

International Passengers Protection Limited's Michael Ward has strongly urged travellers to ensure that if their journey is not ATOL protected they check their travel insurance.

What could happen if I don't take out insurance?

By not taking out travel insurance you can be exposing yourself to some pretty big financial risks. Check out our article on the pitfalls of not taking out travelinsurance aged 80 .

Travel Insurance Pitfalls

Pensioner Travel Insurance

Make sure you understand pre-existing conditions!

Not all travel insurance for over policies will waive for pre-existing conditions. It's important to read the policy carefully to understand the rules for pre-existing conditions.

There are some policies that do not waive for pre-existing medical conditions under any circumstances. Make sure you find out if the waiver covers just the policy holder oor the partner too.

Stay healthy on holiday!

Read our guide 8 tips for a healthy holiday to ensure your trip goes without any mishaps.

Recession fuels long term travellers

With unemployment now at 2 million in the UK redundant workers are dusting down their backpacks rather than their CVs and grabbing the opportunity to go travelling.

The number of people taking a gap year has increased massively over the past 12 months as unemployment soars. American Express Insurance has almost doubled its sales of gap year travel insurance to those aged between 30 and 50 since August.

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